Lawyers Stefan Flemström and Martina Slorach serve as educators for a number of institutions and companies.

ADVANCE ADVOKATBYRÅ also arranges customised, internal business trainings in labour law and other civil law, including commercial rental law.

Lawyer Martina Slorach, holds regular trainings for tenant-owner associations (bostadsrättsföreningar).

If you would like more information or a quote, contact lawyer Stefan Flemström.

Training course for tenant-owner association board members

The course consists of a review of applicable regulations that are relevant to board members in their roles within the tenant-owner association including forfeiture regulations, assembly rules, subletting, managing water damage etc. Course literature includes the book Bostadsrätt – en handbok för styrelsen.

FEI –Företagsekonomiska Institutet (Business Economics Institute)

Lawyers Stefan Flemström and Martina Slorach regularly teaches courses at FEI in labour law and civil law. Since 2015, the institute has also offered a training program for estate agents with lawyers Stefan Flemström and Martina Slorach serving as lecturers. For more information on the institute’s course offerings, go to »

Stockholm University – Labour Law

Lawyers Stefan Flemström and Martina Slorach are regular lecturers in labour law at Stockholm University, both for the law program and independent courses. For more information, visit the Department of Law’s website and click “Education” – »

Karlstad University 

Lawyer Martina Slorach teaches labour law at Karlstad University.

Other training providers

Lawyers Stefan Flemström and Martina Slorach also work regularly as lecturers and trainers for other education providers of labour law such as JP Utbildning, Blendow Institute, Framfot, Sveriges HR Förening, Arbetsmiljöforum, IHM Business School, Företagsuniversitetet, Sanoma Utbildning, Xenters Yrkeshögskola and many more. They have also trained administrators at municipalities and organizations in the labour market.