Published books

Lawyer Stefan Flemström have authored a number of books within the areas of labour law, discrimination law and tenant-owner law.

Rätt arbetsrätt

The book Rätt Arbetsrätt provides an explanation of all current, core labour law concepts and expressions that are typically used by the lay person rather than terminology that is considered correct from a legal perspective. Some items concern complex issues that require a more detailed description. Other issues require only a brief explanation. The book is an alphabetical reference source based on applicable laws and regulations that is supplemented with advice, recommendations, comments and a practical case register. The book was written by lawyer Stefan Flemström and lawyer Louise D’Oliwa. Annually updated.

Diskriminering på arbetsplatsen – en handbok (2014)

Diskriminering på arbetsplatsen is primarily intended for those who work directly with human resources issues in a HR-department or as a representative for an employee organisation. This book also has plenty to offer managers who have their own dedicated personnel teams as well as lawyers employed by an organisation or a company. There have been plenty of books published in the past that provide an academic overview of discrimination law. But before this book was published, there was not a book in print that described the law in clear, practical terms. The book was written by lawyer Martina Slorach with lawyer Stefan Flemström. Published by Sanoma Education in 2014.

Diskrimineringslagen (2013)

Published by Norstedts Publishers in 2013, the third edition of the book. The book is used as course literature at the university level and as a handbook for practicing lawyers. The book was written by lawyer Martina Slorach lawyer Stefan Flemström, senior lecturer Håkan Göransson and master of law Naiti Del Sante.

Juridik för småföretagare (2007)

Juridik för småföretagare is a clear and concise handbook covering everything from starting a company to staffing, drawing up agreements and even winding up a company if the need arises. The book was written by lawyer Stefan Flemström and lawyer Louise D’Oliwa. Published by Sanoma Education in 2007.

Rätten att slå larm – En handbok om yttrandefriheten på jobbet – råd för whistleblowers  (2011)

Rätten att slå larm is a handbook that was written at the request of TCO. The handbook covers the rules around freedom of speech in ones working capacity and contains practical advice for employees concerning whistleblowing. The book was written by lawyers Stefan Flemström and Martina Slorach with senior lecturer Håkan Gabinus Göransson and TCO’s head of legal services, Ingemar Hamskär. The book may be downloaded free of charge from TCO’s website.